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Shaping The Advertising World Of Tomorrow


Our Mission

Make Advertising Great Again

  • Encouraging Creativity: not being constraint by a timing or skip, advertisers can create meaningful ads and compete with others by being rated by their audience.

  • Closing The Gap: Bringing closer advertisers and consumers through actions, feedback & rewards, both benefiting from one another.

  • Data Control: No spying, no cookies, no tracking. Consumers share only the information they want and decide which ad to see.

Our Vision

Create an Ad-Haven Space

At KPubApp, we aim to create an ad-haven space providing the best results possible and delivering the WOW factor through our services.

Our team works to deliver ads that inspire the spirit, penetrate the heart, and ignite the mind, with compelling marketing messages.

Realizing the full potential of advertising is what drives us.


Our Story

It all started with this happy memory when watching advertising was something enjoyable and with real culture around it. Not only for advertisers but for consumers as well. 

Nowadays due to this recent fast-paced era of digital advertising, it's lacking the spice it once had.


Focusing on bringing back to good advertising days through innovation, KPubApp was born & ready to surprise you by bringing together the magic of great content and symbiotic relation between advertisers & consumers.

Our only one goal : Make Advertising Great Again !


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